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TSCC Mini Grants


The Tortolita School Community Council (T.S.C.C.) offers mini grants to students for educational projects. Please follow these guidelines and answer the application questions. 


  1. Mini grants are awarded twice each school year. The application deadlines are the first Monday in December and the first Monday in May each year. Applicants are notified before the winter break and before the end of school if approved.
  2.  Students may apply for any amount up to $50.00. If approved, the check will be written to the student upon presentation of a paid receipt or certificate of completion. The money is forfeited if the project or activity is not completed within 6 months of the issue date. If the student leaves the Marana Unified School district prior to the issuance of the monies, the grant is forfeited.
  3.  A student may be approved for only one (1) mini grant per school year.  Current 7th and 8th grade students are eligible to apply.
  4.  “Educational project” is defined as any activity that will benefit the student, and therefore the school district, in an educational way. The principal will answer any questions on this definition. Students are encouraged to justify the merits of their request. The review committee may, at its discretion, require adult supervision or sponsorship.  Activities may include summer school, music lessons, sports camps, and leadership camps.
  5.  The student may seek the help of an adult sponsor (parent, teacher or other qualified adult) who is willing to assist in the preparation of the request and/or completion of the project.
  6.  It is hoped, but not mandatory, that the student would be willing to share any skills or information gained.


Please answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper and attach to the mini grant cover sheet. Turn in the completed mini grant application packet to the student office. 

  1. Provide the total cost of the proposed project or activity. Please be specific and itemize the amount that you will need to spend. Give the names and cost of the materials or services you will need.
  2.  Write a one paragraph summary of what you want to do and why.
  3.  Give the dates and timeline of the actions needed to complete your project
  4.  Tell how this project will benefit you and/or your school.
  5.   List any new, creative or unusual parts of your proposal.  

Application for T.S.C.C. Mini Grant

Please provide the following information with your application:

Name:  _________________________________________________________

Grade: _________________________________________________________ 

CAE Teacher: _________________________________________________________ 

Sponsor (optional):  _________________________________________________________ 

Home Phone:  _________________________________________________________ 

Date: _________________________________________________________