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Athletic Supplies (by sport)

Sport TMS Supplies Must Haves Recommended
Volleyball Jersey shorts/tennis shoes  
Cross Country Jersey and shorts Running Shoes Water bottle  
Football (Tackle) Jersey, pants, pads, helmet, shoulder pads Football Cleats, Mouth guard Gloves
Football (Flag) Jersey    
Basketball Uniform (top and shorts), practice jersey basketball shoes  
Soccer Jersey, for keepers: Gloves and Keeper Jerseys Soccer Cleats, Shin Guards, Socks for over shin guards and black shorts Own soccer ball. For keepers: personal gloves, pants or pads for sliding, personal keeper jersey
Wrestling   Wrestling shoes  
Baseball Jersey and socks plastic cleats, pants, glove and a hat bat
Softball Jersey and socks plastic cleats, glove and pants bat, visor or hat
Track & Field Jersey and Shorts Running shoes running spikes if experienced